EquityHaus: How Can Tokenization and Blockchain Solve Real World Crises

Join us for an in-depth discussion with Vernon J., CEO of EquityCoin, Akil Ash, CTO of EquityCoin, hosted by Michael McConnell, Community Director at EquityCoin as we explore various businesses and commercial concepts using tokenization to solve systemic issues.

Event is on Clubhouse – Friday December 16th at 2p EST / 11am PST

Sign up at www.equity.haus or click the link in our bio ✅

EquityHaus is YOUR media source and hub for all things business and culture. The platform was designed to amplify the unfiltered voice of Black and brown communities as it relates to generational wealth building.

EquityHaus is powered by EquityCoin, the first digital token backed by affordable housing.

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