EquityHaus Event Explores the Nexus Between Tech and Community Development

Today it was announced that Equity Platform’s event production initiative dubbed EquityHaus is hosting an upcoming virtual roundtable titled, “Building the Future: Exploring the Nexus Between Technology and Community Development”.

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Join the enlightening journey into the future of community development, where technology is not just an enhancer but a key driver of sustainable change. Panelists for the discussion include Whitney Griffith, Software Engineer at Microsoft & Real Estate Investor, Michael McConnell, Director of Community and Partnerships at Equity Platforms, and Vernon J., CEO of Equity Platforms.

“Building the Future” is an interactive panel discussion dedicated to unveiling the transformative power of innovative technological tools in shaping communities that are inclusive, sustainable, and forward-thinking.


  • The Crowdfunding Revolution: Dive deep into the world of crowdfunding as we explore its potential in democratizing access to capital for community projects. Understand how communities worldwide are bypassing traditional finance routes, instead harnessing the collective power of the masses to fund sustainable initiatives.
  • Tokenization and Real Estate: Enter the realm of blockchain and tokenization, breaking down barriers in real estate investment and ownership. Discover how tokenizing assets can provide increased liquidity, inclusivity, and accessibility, empowering more people to participate in and benefit from community development projects.
  • Sustainable Community Development in a Digital Age: Engage in thought-provoking sessions on how digital tools, platforms, and strategies are redefining community development. From creating digital town squares to using data analytics for better urban planning, explore how technology is at the forefront of building communities of the future.

Whether you’re a tech enthusiast, a community leader, an investor, or just someone curious about the future of sustainable community development, this event promises a treasure trove of insights, learnings, and opportunities. Let’s come together to envision and build the communities of tomorrow, where technology paves the way for sustainability, inclusivity, and progress.

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