10 Surefire Ways to Build Generational Wealth

Generational Wealth is a conscious attempt by an individual or group of people to secure the financial freedom of their offspring and yet to be born heirs by making smart financial decisions and activities.

Generational Wealth ensures that the offspring will not have any issue with finances or recognition for as long as they live. Generational wealth can be in the form of influence, affluence, integrity, goodwill, etc., depending on the foundations built for them by their parents or guardians.

1. Investing in Income-Producing Real Estate:

One of the most reliable and trusted ways of improving your finances and creating generational wealth is by investing in real estate. Real estate properties are in constant demand, making it a profound way of generating wealth.

An investment in real estate will create wealth for the individual and provide accommodation for people who need housing. This has created both wealth for the individual and service to humanity on their path.

Incomes in real estate can be in the form of collecting rents on apartments and allowing the value of the land to appreciate to sell them off at a higher price.

2. Investing in the Stock Market:

Another important way of ensuring generational wealth is investing wisely in the stock market. The stock market will provide you with a plethora’s of options on how to increase your money. However, only by making smart and wise sales on the stock market will you be able to realize your profit.

Generational wealth will be achieved when individuals the stock market to their full advantage.

3. Create a Family Business/Conglomerate:

Individuals or groups seeking to provide generational wealth will create a business passed down from one generation to another. This ensures that the business proceeds remain within the family, and provide secure future for future generations.

The individuals and group of people will discreetly imbibe their offspring to the daily activities of these businesses to prepare them for the reigns of affairs when the time arrives.

4. Acquire Life Insurance:

Life is fickle can be unpredictable, with every second spent being potentially the last. Therefore, individuals should procure life insurance and secure their offspring’s future in the event of an untimely death or incapacitation.

Life insurance provides security that individuals mostly refuse to admit they need.

5. Educate your Children:

It is often said that education is the best legacy. There is no truer word than this statement. A child is the greatest asset an individual owns and should be given the best education.

One of the greatest means of achieving generational wealth is by educating children. When the offspring of individuals are educated and possess a college degree, their children will become household names in various spheres of life and lead a life of fulfillment.

6. Enlighten Offspring Financially:

Financial enlightenment is a quality that every individual seeking to pass generational wealth to their children must be taught. This is a requirement because children can be too flashy in their spending resulting in bankruptcy if not handled properly.

Children’s financial enlightenment will prevent wasteful spending and teach them how to make money.

7. Financial Intelligence:

Money is always going to be spent because the wants and needs of individuals are insatiable. However, these wants and needs can be controlled when financially intelligent.

Financial intelligence lets individuals know what to spend their money on, when to spend it, and how to spend it. It also prevents the individual from squandering the whole money making it possible to pass their wealth to the coming generation.

8. Have Multiple Sources of Income:

Staying afloat financially requires individuals to get involved with multiple outlets to generate income. Having a single source of income is not secure as it can be cut off easily. Generational wealth becomes more effective when there are multiple streams of income.

9. Build Connections:

Creating a relationship with people of like minds will help individuals establish generational wealth for their offspring. When an individual’s circle of friends is wealthy, they will also be wealthy. This relationship will trickle down unto the offspring and further strengthen the friendship.

10. Have a Will:

Individuals who fail to write a will lose their possessions to cooperate bodies or government parastatals. Generational wealth becomes effective when a will is written stating the new owners of an individual’s amassed wealth.

Therefore, all individuals should have a will written before they die and avoid unnecessary feuds within the family.

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